We make technology work for your teaching and learning needs

How RM began

Founded in 1973 by Mike Fischer and Mike O'Regan, RM's involvement with ICT in education has been the only focus since its inception. Our wide range of educational software offerings is solely focused on the needs of teachers and learners. RM is located outside Oxford and has regional offices in Scotland and the North West of England.

Our vision

RM Education is about improving the life chances of people - worldwide - by delivering outstanding educational products and services that help teachers to teach and learners to learn. RM Education is about harnessing the power of technology to make learning engaging and inspiring, to take the best of what ICT has to offer and make it deliver results for teachers, learners and school leaders.

More information

  • Further information about RM's ICT (Information Communications Technology) products for educational establishments can be found here.

  • Details about other companies in the RM Group can be found here.

  • RM is a public company, quoted on the London Stock Exchange; financial information is available from our investor relations web pages.