We make technology work for your teaching
and learning needs


We are inspired by a determination to make our customers more successful.

  • Have I asked the question, "What's in this for the customer?" about everything I did today?

  • Would I be pleased to explain my actions or decisions to our customers?

  • Is what I'm doing really improving things for the customer, rather than for RM, me or someone else?

  • Will the customer be completely satisfied by what RM - and I - have done for them today?

High standards

We strive for excellence in everything we do, we set high standards for ourselves and believe that results matter.

We act quickly to address the causes of poor performance.

  • Have I achieved good value for both customers and for RM?

  • Have I done the best job I could do today?

  • Did we aim to maintain high standards of customer care?

  • Did I set an example of excellence in my role?

Innovation & improvement

We are bold in finding new and better ways of doing things. We recognise that successful innovation and improvement are essential for RM's success and we support people in taking risks and developing themselves.

We accept that innovation will sometimes lead to failure, but we learn from our mistakes.

  • If in doubt, take a risk in the interests of the customer

  • What have I done today to identify better, more cost-effective ways of doing things?

  • Have I thought about how exploiting technology could improve what we offer our customers?

"RM – A company with Radiant Mission, never resting and always looking for innovations. There is always room to learn and grow within RM, and the best part is that there is always someone willing to help. Everyone in the organization is an integral part of the whole and I feel this team work contributes to the success of our mission."

- Dhanya Alex, Team Lead


We communicate information honestly, openly and straightforwardly. We respect and listen to others' opinions and willingly volunteer important information. We argue our point of view strongly, make decisions promptly and support the consensus.

  • Did I present the facts straightforwardly today?

  • Was any bad news delivered openly and not hidden or delayed?

  • Did I communicate all options and not just the ones that suited me?

Respect for others

We treat everyone with the respect, fairness and trust we ourselves would expect in a similar situation.

  • Would I be proud to tell my family how I dealt with people today?

  • Do I treat everyone (colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners) with respect and fairness?

Enjoying ourselves

We believe working for RM Education should be an enjoyable part of our lives. We spend so much time here that we have an obligation to each other to make it enjoyable.

  • Did my behaviour help my colleagues get the job done and enjoy their day?

  • Did I praise or thank my colleagues for a job well done?